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Ropelets are bright and trendy hand-made rope, stainless steel and leather bracelets for those of you looking for something a little bit different, either for yourself or as a gift for someone else.
Ropelets are available in single, double or treble wrap in a range of sizes to suit everyone. Create your bracelet by using the options in our online store once you have chosen your rope, stainless or leather.
Each Ropelet is joined with a clasp  in a variety of styles. Rope bracelets are made from climbing or marine rope with a choice of a stainless steel clasp.  

Have small or larger wrists, you are in luck as they make them any size to suit you.

They also offer a range of charms to add to your Ropelet making a unique charm bracelet and gift tins too. See the options when you are ordering your Ropelet

Start your collection today.

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Purchase your very own 'Lydia Walmsley Racing' Ropelet here:




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