Why Lydia Walmsley Racing?

Lydia Walmsley Racing is offering you the unique opportunity to boost your company and it's customers.

With Lydia's social channels booming, your company sure will too.

  • Logo branding on the Mini Challenge Cooper Pro race car

  • LIVE race coverage on ITV4 and highlights programmes on ITV - exposing your company logo which is on the car to hundreds of thousands of people at home and at the track

  • Social media promotion - Interviews, promotional videos and images exposing your company name and social media accounts to hundreds of thousands of people per annum which will aid the boosing of your social channels too.

  • Logo branding on all teamwear worn throughout race weekends.

  • Recognition in interviews and press releases throuhgout the season.

  • Regularly feature on this website.

  • Promotional material given away at race events to spectators and fans.

  • Use of Lydia Walmsley as your very own brand ambassador - usable at product launches, corporate events etc


UK Circuit Race Licence Holders:

274 Females



Lydia is unique - she is a woman competing in a male dominated world. She stands out from the crowd and receieves a large amount of promotion and attracts lots of attention from motorsport fans and communities. Use this novelty to advertise your brand - the large amount of exposure Lydia gets for being a talented racing driver and competing in a male dominted world would all be pointed in your direction.


ONLY 2.8% of Circuit Race Licence Holders are FEMALE!